10 Tips for Planning Your Music Release

 As an independent artist, releasing your album, EP or single can be difficult. An effective marketing strategy and a smart plan can make a huge difference. You’ve written a perfect melody and made some smashing beats. You’ve got your music registered and done all the legal work. You have been diligent and jumped through all […]

8 Ways to Balance Work and Music Career

Striking a balance between home and work-life can be tricky. Things get more delicate when you add another variable to the equation. Here’s what you can do to incorporate your music career in your life without upsetting the equilibrium. How Important is your music? You’ve made a choice to pursue your passion for music while […]

8 Tips on How to Get Featured on a Music Blog

Promoting your music can be difficult for independent artists. Getting featured even in a small blog can make a huge impact on your fan base and popularity   Ever seen a random stranger on the street, pointing at something, and how everyone starts looking over there. That’s exactly what bloggers do to you. They make […]

How to find a domain with Karmaduke

Finding a domain that is as unique as you and your business is easy with Karmaduke. If you have an idea to get online or a great name for your website, we recommend registering it immediately before anyone else does. You can use your domain name for your website and email. Your domain name establishes […]

How to raise money and fund your music career

The music industry is, perhaps, one of the most difficult ones to break into without a solid plan to fund the exorbitant costs. From production to recording, touring to paying for the equipment, everything can land you a hefty bill, which you cannot pay for unless you have a strategy in place.

Promoting music on Instagram: Here’s how to do it in 2020

Talk about social media and Instagram comes as the trending ‘it-talk’ of the town. Well yes, as much as you fiddle through your daily posts on Instagram, it has immense potential to bring you a right audience for music promotion. So, budding singers, bands, songwriters, or any budding artist seeking a career in music must […]

How to Make an EPK (That Blows the Press Away)

Electronic Press Kit- The Best Way to Promote Your Skills in Today’s Market! Today’s music industry is all about self-sufficient, multi-talented artists who know how to reach their fan base using unique branding methods. So, along with making mind-blowing pieces, you also need to promote yourself as an artist. And what is the secret of […]

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