Hit the Right Notes of Your Live Stream Session with This Guide

   Over the past few years social media has rapidly evolved providing a massive platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talent. For this very reason, live streaming has emerged as an excellent promotional tool, ensuring an easy mode of interaction with fans worldwide and to present work at a nominal expense. Are you one […]

10 Ways for Musicians to Manage Their Time

As a musician, you have a lot going on at the same time. You are working on some long-term projects, your next album is about to go live, you have a gig to plan and emails to reply. Managing your time effectively can make your productivity skyrocket. Here are our 10 ways to make the […]

Copyright Basics

Music industry laws are confusing and complex. However, basic knowledge of copyrights, royalties and infringements can help you understand how to protect your art. Before we start, we would like to mention, that this blog should not be considered as legal advice. For the legal purpose, you should hire an attorney specialized in the entertainment […]

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