Know the 4 Things Successful Musicians Steer Clear Off at all Costs

‘Words may reach the heart, but music reaches the soul!’

Well, no one knows it better than a musician. And why not? For someone who breathes in and out rhythm, melody and notes every day, a good part of his/her soul is bound to blend in with the musical or lyrical compositions.

But, there’s also another aspect that a musician must take care of while pouring the heart out to the strumming. That, my friend, is the aspect related to one’s career in music as a genre.

From going for live streaming on YouTube and other online platforms to acquiring copyrights and approaching publishers, you can choose from several options to build up your career as a musician. Also, there are opportunities for stage performances or live gigs.

So, while you already have aplenty on your platter to earn as you continue your musical journey, you must also be aware of the pitfalls. Sadly, the so-called ‘hurdles’ that a musician comes across in his/her career path, often originate from his/her steps undertaken to grow and attain fame.

Yes, that brings to point the fact that the futilities of opting for one step over another may cost a musician big time. So, why waste time?

Working right up from the ground level is what benefits in the long run, and of course, keeping away from the ‘no-nos’ of your genre.

Yes, we know music defies the bounds of age and time. But why waste time in the first place when you can make the most of it? So, let’s check out four of them, worked up for the musician in you!

  1. Thinking out of the box, well the box being your target audience!

Like one genre of music stirs your soul, but the other doesn’t, it’s all the same for your audience too.

So yes, if you are still intimidated by what fans or individuals belonging to various demographics might think, it’s time you stop doing that. Focus isn’t the new buzzword, but here, it’s all you need when scribbling out your heart’s notes.

And, the fact remains that you can’t win the hearts of one and all. No one ever has! But, there’s always that one group of people that remain your die-hard fans; one genre of assemblage that keeps your music alive through ages.

Bring your focus back to this group, which can be your family on the journey with music forever after.

Music echoes through hearts without persistence, so just hum the right tunes! Fostering and nurturing the fans who already love your kind of music is what it will take in the years to come to establish your recognition.

  1. Impersonal pitching? There you are!

Take an instance, where you send song clips or bits of music wrapped up well in a file to an unknown swarm of people available online today.

Well, this act might seem like a good marketing initiative, and you may end up feeling that you have a good grasp over modern-day adverts. Disappointing it may seem, but the truth is that it is what rest of the marketers are busy with.

And, chances are your mail or DM with the multifarious soundtrack would be lying along with a sack of other mails, unattended to. Sad, isn’t it?

So, consider this – how likely are you to open and validate something like impersonal pitching from an unknown individual?

Barely would anyone do it, right? We guess it’s high time you stop investing your time and resources in gimmicks like these. Instead, target those who are more likely to acknowledge your music.

  1. Giving away too many free shows? Recheck!

To put things in perspective from the start of it, free shows do render positive outputs. But maybe your free shows aren’t!

Then, it’s time to think again. Revealing the reason behind this difference in results from your free shows and those of other musicians – It’s the strategy in work.

Well, a free show organized by a reputed or renowned sponsor is well worth it; for instance, shows sponsored by the likes of major editorials, instrument partners, press, radio, etc. It’s because they already have an audience base that can be easily drawn into it with ease and result in mutual benefits.

The end not being, Do Not Go For Free Shows Just For The Sake of Free Shows. It’s better to find a sponsor to your musical sojourn than do it alone.

  1. Hiring PR? Maybe you are not ready yet!

The world of music often encounters situations where a solo singer, composer, lyricist or a band hires a public relations manager while still being in the infancy.

The tough question to ask here is this – Are you ready to go for it yet? Well yes, if you do not have enough resources to fund expenses of hiring a PR manager, you shouldn’t go for it in the first place.

Rather, it’s more fruitful to invest your resources in other promotional initiatives like performing for live shows, creating local buzz, promoting through social media, and so forth.

And, once you are ready to hire a PR, just go for it!

That’s all with the most common mistakes to avoid when progressing in your career as a musician.

So, ready to spread love with your music? We hope you will be once you eliminate these loopholes!



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