Promoting music on Instagram: Here’s how to do it in 2020


Talk about social media and Instagram comes as the trending ‘it-talk’ of the town. Well yes, as much as you fiddle through your daily posts on Instagram, it has immense potential to bring you a right audience for music promotion.

So, budding singers, bands, songwriters, or any budding artist seeking a career in music must keep this in mind. If you still think you lack the right platform to be recognised in the musical world, it’s time to think the other way round.

And well, earning a few serious bucks from this promotion takes it all to an entirely new level of interest. Yes, yes, we know the confusion you carry in your mind!

Sharing is the hardest part!

But, beyond a point, where you have exhausted your individual efforts to promote your next-big-thing-kinda music single, album or the scribbles, a helping hand is always of use. Yes, it’s no one but those music publishers present on Instagram we are talking about!

Surprising but true, they come pre-organised with the right resources, connection and reach to help you sing out to new audiences. And yes, bring your strings to the right notes that people hum and praise.

Let’s check out the role that a music publisher serves you with. 

Hmmm… #Instaworthy or not?

Music publishers – The secret to a successful promotion

Publishers in the musical realm make money while prospering on the tracks composed and lyrics written by other individuals. You think how they do it? As simple as it sounds, music promotion on Instagram travels a long way to gain success.

The publishers you tie up with are in active evaluation of various ways they can promote music on an artist’s behalf. One of the most fruitful ways they do it is by licensing the tracks you seek promotion for before releasing it on Instagram.

Also known as ‘Sync’ or synchronisation in the world of music, maintaining it is the publisher’s sole responsibility. So, don’t worry as he or she will be the one responsible for its use and will also ensure you receive a considerable value for your work of art, i.e., music.

To give you a better insight, here’s how it works for you. A music publisher serves with this promotion by charging commission on the number of sales or download.

Need we say more? What better way to go on with your music promotion on Instagram than through a publisher? They bring along brand value to help you create new internet sensation while the world grooves to your tune.

Another innovative way out for these publishers is that they search out for people who can collaborate with you on Instagram to add in some creativity through lyrical or music compositions.

Ah! Not to mention, they make sure you do not have any income pending via licensed sale and give you your fair share.

Usage of hashtags – A trend through the ages

Yes, we know you have been doing it all the way throughout your presence on Instagram. But, never underestimate the power of hashtags. A trendy hashtag helps put your music out to the world.

The more people like it, the more hashtags they use to refer to your music album, single, lyric or composition. Yes, in recent times, Instagram has turned out to be one of the most effective platforms for music promotion with hashtags trending as millions of Instagrammers use them day in and day out.

A hashtag sensation is one of the best ways to bank on your musical compositions – courtesy #Attain_InstaFame.

Promotions through Blogposts!

Your music is content just like any other type of content, be it video or audio, or any other. So yes, using a blog post to promote your music on Instagram is a sweet way out to get to a music lover’s heart.

Telling a compelling story entwined with your musical journey, and of course, linked to your licensed music record, hums just the right tune.

Well, don’t forget to caption it right – Your creativity within that 22,000-character limit with a captivating photo spreads through the Insta-masses to make a place in their heart. For any space remaining, you can also upload a screenshot of your blog to present an accurate picture.

Images and videos? A yes to that!

You cannot forget what Instagram was made for in the first place. Yes, images still acquire a top spot when it comes to music promotion on Instagram. So, make sure you have an image cover ready when starting with your music promotion on this platform.

Use your creative mind or hire a professional tagline maker to add a suitable caption to the cover image. 

Remember, music is your heart pouring out through your compositions’ rhythms to captivate music-lovers out there, en masse!

The image you use to promote these notes should thus speak out your story with an apt caption.

Bingo! Your music release may already be receiving likes and clicks with a rightly captioned image!

Feels authentic? Check!

As music evolved over the ages, so did its lovers! With selective tastes of every individual, today it’s the hardest to compel someone to click on your music release or your bio as a lyricist, songwriter, composer, and so forth.

Despite all tricks and contrivances the digital world offers you, music is still something that vibes the authentic feels. And, you have the golden chance!

So, whichever way you choose to promote your music, keeps it real and authentic; strumming the right strings through notes and pitches. 

And, your knit of words of course!

And hence comes the bigger picture…

Still wondering of the melodious satiation these promotions bring? Well, it’s time to get over it as these ways to promote your music have been proven and evinced, over and over.

Just a few words of caution! Get your music copyrighted before putting it upfront for a larger benefit. Wondering about the consequences of not going through with this? Ah! We presume you know how a non-copyrighted music release ends up.

So, time to give your upcoming piece of creativity the best promotion you can – #InstaQuick!


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