Here’s How You can Find a Manager for Your Band

An English act with unkempt undertones” was what the critics of David Bowie used to say about his music. Then, Tony DeFries happened. Soon, David Bowie became just “Bowie” and went on to become a legend in the English music industry under the guidance of DeFries.


Even though several bands and solo musicians have claimed fame under their managers, several such associations have ended up in ugly spat. From managers being fired and musicians losing millions of dollars in lawsuits, only a few of these relations have succeeded to become long-lasting.

Virgin calls the relationship between musicians and managers – “a dysfunctional marriage than a professional arrangement”.

One of the best examples of artist-manager relationship is Sharon and Ozzy Osborne. Sharon kicked off the solo career of Ozzy after his split from Black Sabbath. Later, they got married and went to become one of the “music power couples” as stated by NME.

Hence, finding the right manager is critical for a band both to make it big and to have sublime management.

But before you set course to find that one Holy Grail manager, it is crucial for you to understand that managers see your brand as an “investment”. Yes, that’s the ugly truth. If they don’t see any potential in your music, they won’t invest their time in you.

After you made a base for your band, you can begin your search by following these tips mentioned below:

  • Check out who manages band similar to yours

You don’t have to be reminded of the fact that bands are sprouting like mushrooms each day as there is no shortage of “musicians”. Competition is something that you will come across as well as high and lows.

Hiring a manager is what becomes critical in this stage. You may think that you have aplenty expertise to take care of your band; but, will be of much help case when you are being contacted for gigs from all over the country, and you have an unofficial fan page on Facebook.    

In such cases, you need the help and expertise of someone who can steer you in the right direction, keeping your starboard and port side clear. 

One of the most efficient ways to find a manager is to check who is managing a band that makes similar music like you. If you already know some bands, which you trust and respect, you can approach them and ask for recommendations. They can give you a heads-up on whom to contact and who to stay away from.

If you don’t know any such bands, you can always search for one and reach out to them to find out who is managing them.     

Investing a bit of time (and maybe some money) can be fruitful in your search for a magnum opus manager.

  • Make your search for hiring a manager public

Another one of the ideal ways to find a manager is to make it public that you need one. Openly expressing the need for a manager does not necessarily make you weak or show that you are incompetent at managing your band.

It’s your band, and you should take steps that can take it to the next level. And, hiring a manager is just the beginning to do precisely the same. 

However, that does mean that you start spamming people with messages and email. Rather, opt for a more professional approach. Create social media posts that say precisely what you seek. Also, don’t forget to add your contact details so that interested individuals can get in touch with you.   

If you play this move the right way, you can come across several potential managers. They may contact you directly, or someone might reach out to a manager, matching your description.

  • Be present in all the music concerts and networking events

Here, you have two options to find the right manager:

  1. Music shows

Attending concerts and shows, even if you are not performing in them, can bring you close to your future band manager. Managers are also on the lookout for talents in such events.

All you have to do is put yourself in the right place and the right time and you will find what you are looking for.

  1. Networking events

If you haven’t already Googled “music networking events”, it’s high time you did so. These are events dedicated solely for musicians to meet managers, producers, and other artists. There are also performances, conference, and several other activities that can be more the help for your band.

  • Check out music blogs

Bloggers in some of the most renowned music blogs also manage musicians. Even if they don’t do so, they may be able to hook you up with someone who fulfills your job description.

You only have to ensure that your unofficial Facebook fan page has enough likes for the blogger to know that your band has a wide presence.

A manager can help you promote your band without literally promoting it. Keep the music to yourself and the marketing plus additional tasks to the manager.



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