Karmaduke Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Karmaduke by Аh Boo! Limited offers a unique proposition for music creators and music fans to be a part of a platform designed to support and promote new music whilst understanding that the economics of earning money from music sales have changed drastically in the last decade and a new approach is required.
Musicians, bands, artists and producers can become part of the Karmaduke Partnership which not only allows them to release their music and generate income from over 150 streaming and download platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Google play, but Partners also share in the profits from Karmaduke Services which include a marketplace platform, web hosting services, as well as travel and finance comparison services. 
The Partnership gives artists and music rights holders the opportunity to monetize their music and music videos, but also gives them a way to earn from the buying power of their fan base. Rather than asking fans to buy merchandise or physical copies of their music produced in small print runs, Partners can ask their fans to support them by making their next purchase of a holiday, laptop or musical instrument via Karmaduke.com. For a loyal fan base this only requires a small shift in their buying behaviour to move from one comparison site or marketplace to one which supports and is endorsed by their favourite artist(s) as well as supporting independent music across a wide range of genres and geographic locations.
The Karmaduke Mission is to help independent musicians, artists and creative people to earn a sustainable income from their creations whilst also giving fans a way to support independent music through a small change in their online shopping habits.

Our back Story

Our parent company Ah Boo! Limited was formed in 2009 and since then it’s been a wild journey which has seen us sign a distribution partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, buy an abandoned building and build a residential recording studio in it,  as well as working with some of the biggest musical instrument brands in the world and being responsible for (literally) hundreds of millions of dollars of sales globally.

Karmaduke is everything we’ve done over the last decade condensed into one platform. The things we’ve learned about the problems facing musical instrument retailers helped us design our marketplace. The successes (and failures) we’ve had helping artists release music through our various label imprints informed how we structured the Karmaduke Partnership as an antidote to the traditional record label. Our Academy pulls together the knowledge we have acquired whilst building and running a recording studio whilst the Services side of our business pulls together everything we think you need to run your own creative enterprise.

Finally, having worked with some of the biggest companies in the world dealing with huge numbers, one of the things which seems to get lost is having a social conscience. For that reason, we’ve baked corporate responsibility into the DNA of Karmaduke with the Foundation.      

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