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How do I make money with Karmaduke?

It’s pretty simple. Karmaduke releases your music on all the major digital services for free and you keep 100% of your music rights. 

Our commission for the service is 15% of the revenue generated from your music via the platform. So far, pretty standard and similar to some other sites out there. 

Where we differ is that as well as being a record label, we also have a whole host of other services on our platform, and just like you share 15% of your revenue with us, we share 15% of our revenue from those services with the Karmaduke Partnership ( which means, the people who release their music with us).



You give us 15% of your revenue generated via the platform, we give 15% from our revenue to the Karmaduke Partnership. You keep 100% of your music rights, no hidden costs.

So, 15% of the money we make from the Karmaduke Record Label, Market, Web Services, Travel Comparison and Academy, goes to the Karmaduke Partners.

What this means is that as well as generating revenue from streaming and downloads with Karmaduke, you’ll also earn when you or your fans book a hotel, register a web domain, make a purchase via Karmaduke or simply listen to other artists who release their music with Karmaduke.

When you become a Karmaduke Partner you will get a share of every penny Karmaduke makes.

Our goal is to give musicians multiple revenue streams from our platform. We know what it’s like trying to encourage your fans to buy your limited edition 7” vinyl or being stuck with a load of XXL T-shirts from your last tour you can’t sell. 

With Karmaduke, instead of trying to sell your fans something they might not need, you can encourage them to shop for the things they do need on Karmaduke and it will help you and other creative people out. 

Our goal is to increase the potential revenue streams for people creating original music and build a community of fans and music producers.

Sound good? Click below to join the Karmaduke Partnership.

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