Hit the Right Notes of Your Live Stream Session with This Guide

   Over the past few years social media has rapidly evolved providing a massive platform for aspiring artists to showcase their talent. For this very reason, live streaming has emerged as an excellent promotional tool, ensuring an easy mode of interaction with fans worldwide and to present work at a nominal expense.

Are you one such musician looking to make a mark on the world stage? Then you have landed at the correct place. Let’s look at the points that will help you reap the most out of the live streaming sessions.


With so many aspiring musicians around the globe, having an exceptional quality of work is a must to stand out from the rest. You will require far more than a smartphone for your live streaming sessions.

Hence, if you wish to add a professional edge, you can invest in the right tools to make a world of difference.

Not sure which equipment will be suitable for you?

Consider these essential tools that can elevate your streaming sessions to a whole new level.

  • External lenses

Who doesn’t want to look good on social media platforms?

An external lens will not only ensure that you look good on streaming, but it will offer you a plethora of features to work with. There are various options like autofocus, close-ups and fisheye shots to make it visually appealing.

  • External microphone

Latest smartphones may come with a HD video quality, but audio quality is not something that is worth mentioning. Hence, opting for an external mic compatible with your smartphone will be a wise choice. However, with numerous options available in the market, it can be a challenging task to determine a suitable one for you.

Depending on whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, test multiple microphones before coming to a conclusion.  Ensure that it is front-facing and portable to yield maximum results.

  • Lighting

Yes! We all know that natural light can add a distinct touch to a live stream.

Will natural lighting suffice your requirements? Or, do you need more?

Well, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Get your hands on decent studio lighting to light up your world on social media (literally speaking).

  • Tripod

Do you prefer a specific profile while streaming? Or, do you like to experiment with angles?

A tripod is one tool that can come to your rescue in such circumstances. Most of these tools come with affordable price tags. Point is, never miss out on an opportunity to add a whole new dimension to your sessions.


Always remember the fact that your audience will admire you only for your content. Do not ever be afraid of experimenting with it.

Yes! Your audience will surely love you to sing/play their favourite piece when you stream.

However, what more can you bring to the table? How are you different from others? Here is a tip for you.

Let your audience take a dig at your life. Conduct Q&A sessions to enhance engagement. Also, offering behind the scenes, playing an unrehearsed piece can do wonders to your streaming channel.


Expecting your stream to gain a massive audience is one of the greatest mistakes that you can commit. Like, spontaneous streams may perform well here and there, but you should not expect it to work in the long run. You ought to ask yourself first.

Is your audience base large enough? If not, start promoting first. Ensure that individuals interested in your stream know about the timings of your stream beforehand.


Finding an ideal range for your streaming session can be an extremely daunting task.

Will you be able to keep your audience hooked for a couple of hours?

It’s for you to decide.

If not, keep the sessions as short as possible. Try to keep them crisp so that the retention rate is higher. Higher retention will enhance the metrics of your sessions considerably.


Have you received a copyright claim on any of your live streams yet?

If no, then you must be playing original tracks or covers with instrumentation. Your streams can be taken down from social media platforms if any company feels that you are using their music without permission. Such complaints can also be registered if you sing over a supporting track.


Social media platforms like Facebook offer in-depth metrics, including audience engagement, post-performance, retention, etc. You will be able to develop a strategy according to the insights to determine the areas you can improve your stream.

Do not stress yourself regarding the fact that you are not attracting enough audience. It is a gradual process and honing your live stream craft with this guide will ensure that you achieve your desired goal.



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