• Copyright Basics
    Music industry laws are confusing and complex. However, basic knowledge of copyrights, royalties and infringements can help you understand how to protect your art. Before we start, we would […]
  • Basics of Recording Agreements
    Copyrights, Exclusivity and all sorts of deals can be complicated for an artist to understand. However, we feel that is good to know at least the basics. Today in […]
  • 10 Tips for Planning Your Music Release
     As an independent artist, releasing your album, EP or single can be difficult. An effective marketing strategy and a smart plan can make a huge difference. You’ve written a […]
  • 8 Ways to Balance Work and Music Career
    Striking a balance between home and work-life can be tricky. Things get more delicate when you add another variable to the equation. Here’s what you can do to incorporate […]
  • 8 Tips on How to Get Featured on a Music Blog
    Promoting your music can be difficult for independent artists. Getting featured even in a small blog can make a huge impact on your fan base and popularity Ever seen a […]

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