How to Make an EPK (That Blows the Press Away)


Electronic Press Kit- The Best Way to Promote Your Skills in Today’s Market!

Today’s music industry is all about self-sufficient, multi-talented artists who know how to reach their fan base using unique branding methods. So, along with making mind-blowing pieces, you also need to promote yourself as an artist.

And what is the secret of securing better shows and press coverage for your art – a cleverly designed EPK that absolutely blows away the press.

EPK or Electronic Press Kit is an online service that allows organizers to understand what you do and why should they involve you in a venue, more like a professional music resume. Promoters, managers, music supervisors, and organizers can find all the info that they need for your promotion in your EPK, and that’s what makes it a piece of valuable document for every artist’s press kit.

EPKs are like digital flyers, presented in your website so that any visitor can quickly access it and get the information that they need. No one, especially members of the press, likes to search through the internet to find someone’s details; the press always loved writing about things that had all its information clearly presented, and that’s where the EPK comes in. 

So, the goal is to become a band or artist, which far easier to write about and promote. The secret is to create great music, paired with great story, which has all the relevant information conveniently placed in an easy to read package.

Let’s look at how you can create such a presentation:

  • Start with your music – 

Promoters should be listening to your best pieces, so the priority of your EPK should be your music only. But there is a trick; remember that promoters are likely to listen to only a few of your works, so make sure you pack your best songs first. 

Also, remember to upload mp3 of highest quality in your EPK. 320kbps is preferable; it will ensure the files retain its original quality.

  • Make sure you show yourself – 

Your EPK will be used by the press, which makes the visual presentation as important as your work itself. Get pictures from your previous shows that capture the vibe and style of your performance.

You should also add some promotional pictures of yourself. Professional photographers can prove of great help in this case; they will be able to help you create a good portfolio.

Remember to include pictures that are of high quality, and are of larger than standard width so that they can be printed in different sizes without pixilation. These pictures are likely to go into web pages, posters, articles, etc., so include high-definition pictures in both vertical and horizontal in the photos section.

Also, create some good album art so that it can be used with your music album. Promoters and event managers will definitely prefer a good album art if they want to cover their work.

  • Tell them who you are – 

The primary point of press coverage will be to show who you are. That will be the job of your bio. Consider it as your elevator, the ideal place to show everyone your uniqueness.

Show your latest works, where you came from, how you ventured into the music industry and some of your background info. You can also add some content that will be easy to read and interesting; consider things that you might want to read in a music magazine.

Consider going for a short-long approach. Your short bio will help you sell your story to the press; keep it light with your achievements and objectives. Put the rest of the information in your long bio, like the details of your life and other info that the media might want to promote you.

The key is to keep everything short, crisp, and attention-grabbing. Remember that the content everyone will read from comes from the house of media, so their target will be selling their own products first. The more you help them popularize their products, the more likely will they be to promote you.

  • Remember to add your music videos – 

Humans are hardwired to prefer audiovisual mediums over any other means, which makes videos the ideal weapon to grab the attention of promoters. Fans are also likely to prefer multimedia content over anything, so your next step will be shooting a chic music video that organizers or promoters can watch.

The definition of screen worthy has changed a great deal in the past decade. Today’s digital generation prefers montage friendly, less cluttered clips that are watchable on handheld devices. 

You can also involve clips from your previous shows; they are a great mean to demonstrate your stage presence and performance. But only do this if you have high-quality footage, no one likes dingy cellphone videos.

  • Mention your tech rider – 

Tech rider is one important aspect that many new artists forget to add in their EPK. In reality, it is probably one of the first few items that organizers look for before selecting whether they would book you or not.

Tech rider is a type of a document that lists all the instruments and technical gear you require during your performance. It is crucial as it gives an approximate idea about the kit one needs to organize to book a performance. It also gives a rough estimate of the associated cost of a show.

  • Share your schedule – 

It is necessary for every performing artist to maintain a calendar with upcoming shows and also to share that with organizers and promoters, so that they know when you will be available for booking.

  • Share your contact details – 

Probably the most important thing in your EPK is your contact details. There is no surprise why it is important; organizers should have a clear idea of how they will get in contact with you.

It is better to create an email address specifically for this purpose. You can also add the details of your manager, or representative if they are available. Also, do not forget to add your website links.

You can also show your readers where to purchase your music and merchandise, along with your social media addresses under the contacts category. These are likely to get circulated in various publications, helping you to improve your repo amongst both fans and promoters.

Things you should be careful about

There are some tips that media houses and influencers follow. Let’s take a look:

  1. Keep the EPK compact and simple. The information should be quickly readable.
  2. It should be up-to-date. Outdated information is a big downer in the music industry.
  3. EPKs should represent a brand in a truthful manner. Overhyping, exaggerated information can deter promoters from setting up a business with an individual.
  4. File size of the EPK can become a concern. Large files can get flagged and redirected to the spam folder. It might also cause your website to load slowly, another let down for viewers.
  5. Media house individuals may not even open compressed files. It is better to refrain from sending these with emails.
  6. Always carry a hard copy of the EPK. It will be helpful if you run into industry professionals. 

Creating your EPK

There are several websites that offer electronic press kit making services. Most of these services come with pre-made templates that can be used to create the press kits quickly.

You will also find a step-by-step guide on how to create the EPKs on these sites. If you are looking for more customizations, use website creators like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc. The set up for these can take a longer time, but offer more customization options and adds another degree of personality to your website.

Once you complete the process, all you have to do is to upload the content, and you will be ready to go.

Electronic Press Kit is the first step to promote your art and boost your career in an elegant and effective way. You have to remember that creativity is the key; consider from the eyes of the promoter and reader, what you can do to entice them so that they will promote you.

You can also take an example from well-known publication and influencers. The key objective is to be different from the crowd and your art and marketing ideas are the tools that will help you breakthrough from the rest. 


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